Workplace behaviour for employees

This training session takes 2 hours.  In terms of fees, the half-day rate is $1,100.00 plus GST, and the full day rate is $2,000.00 plus GST.

The training covers all forms of workplace harassment:  sexual harassment, racial taunts, bullying, etc.  It exposes the myths that abound in this sensitive area and educates employees in how they can work to prevent and deal with irresponsible behaviour in their workplace.  Thorny issues, such as what to do when it’s one person’s word against another’s or when someone has fabricated allegations, or when the behavior takes place outside the workplace are discussed.

We give employees the most up-to-date information on what sorts of issues are arising in workplaces today.  Many real-life cases are discussed so that employees can see what actually happens and how difficult situations were resolved.

The session is well-paced and engaging.  While it is a compliance course, it is practical rather than overly-legalistic.  This course has been very successful in changing employee attitudes about unacceptable behavior.