We are a boutique Human Resources consultancy providing services to organisations large and small in the private, public and community sectors since 1995.

Human Resources is a large and varied field and we do not cover the whole spectrum of HR work, preferring to stick to those areas where we have expertise.  In the main that area is risk management:  protecting our clients in any area where they may have to present at a tribunal and justify their actions.  Consequently we do a lot of work in the spheres of harassment, discrimination, bullying, discipline and poor performance.

In the areas we have expertise we a full service provider, covering training (both compliance and skills-based), policy advice, case management, mediation, counseling and help lines.  We are also licensed private investigators and conduct a range of corporate investigations and climate surveys.  Other areas we cover are job interview training and coaching and resume writing.  We also offer negotiation skills training and advice, and we have coached negotiation teams through major negotiations, both industrial and commercial.

We seek to form long-term relationships with our clients and we have worked with some clients for the entire duration of our existence.  Other than having a web presence, we do not advertise and the majority of our work comes from word–of-mouth and repeat business.