Climate Surveys

In large organisations, perceptions are truth for lots of people.  Unlike an investigation, a climate survey is not about gathering evidence and testing it, but is a tool to examine employees’ feelings, thoughts, opinions, perceptions and ideas about their organisation.  The information is collated and analysed and a report compiled on any trends that may emerge and which would be useful for an organisation to be aware of.  In a number of cases we have done, they have also led to dramatic benefits such as major efficiencies and increased cooperation among staff in which millions of dollars have been saved.

The survey examines employees’ knowledge of and engagement with the organisation’s values, principles and philosophy, and of any inconsistencies that may exist.  It also indicates to employees that the organisation values their opinions and feelings.

Surveys are usually conducted by way of individual interviews which are confidential in order to provide a sense of freedom to the employees in speaking frankly about their organisation.  The interviewer’s role is to be gentle, open and non-judgmental, reaassuring about the confidential aspect of the survey and interested in each person’s comments.  The role can also include gentle prompting with shy people or people who have not given any reasons for strong views.  The exercise is conducted in a friendly and positive manner rather than a grim, interrogatory manner.  It is never confrontational.

Our standard hourly fee applies to this service.