Mediation (or conciliation) is the term for resolving disputes without determination.  This means that evidence is not gathered and no decision is made as to the truth of the allegations.  Mediation is concerned only with the welfare of the parties and reaching an outcome that both parties can be satisfied with.

Mediation is often incorrectly thought of as informal action, whereas a mediation agreement is a formal resolution to a problem, as a record of the proceeding is kept on file (with or without the terms of the agreement).  Mediation/conciliation can be conducted in two ways, depending on the complainant’s preferences:  all parties discussing the issues face to face, or each party communicating their view through the mediator (which is necessary in situations where intimidation is the central issue, or where emotions are running hot).

Mediation is a quicker and less costly option for employers than investigation, but the main benefit is that the workplace is not as disrupted by the exercise, due to the fact that only the parties themselves are involved and the discussions are confidential.  Our hourly fee applies.