Many of Australia’s leading private and public organisations use our investigation service for serious matters or when impartiality within the organisation is difficult.  At Garside Consulting we have a reputation for conducting our investigations in line with the principles of fair process, or ‘natural justice’.  It is important to us that both sides of a dispute are given a fair hearing.  We are unbiased in our approach and have a track record of finding many complaints substantiated and many other complaints unsubstantiated.  We have also found that some complaints were fabricated or were frivolously or vexatiously made, and we have recommended disciplinary action in these cases.  None of our decisions have been overturned at a tribunal in the 15 years that we have been conducting them.  We are licensed investigators, which is important, as findings by non-licensed investigators can be overturned.

The time an investigation takes varies according to the complexity of the matter, such as the number of parties and the number of allegations being investigated or the legal complexity of the issues being examined.  Please ring for a quote.

If you have any questions about our investigations, please contact me on (03) 9882 0875.