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Many of Australia’s leading private and public organisations use our investigation service for serious matters or when impartiality within the organisation is difficult.  At Garside Consulting we have a reputation for conducting our investigations in line with the principles of fair process, or ‘natural justice’.  It is important to us that both sides of a dispute are given a fair hearing.  We are unbiased in our approach and have a track record of finding many complaints substantiated and many other complaints unsubstantiated.  We have also found that some complaints were fabricated or were frivolously or vexatiously made, and we have recommended disciplinary action in these cases.  None of our decisions have been overturned at a tribunal in the 15 years that we have been conducting them.  We are licensed investigators, which is important, as findings by non-licensed investigators can be overturned.

The time an investigation takes varies according to the complexity of the matter, such as the number of parties and the number of allegations being investigated or the legal complexity of the issues being examined.  Please ring for a quote.

If you have any questions about our investigations, please contact me on (03) 9882 0875.


Mediation (or conciliation) is the term for resolving disputes without determination.  This means that evidence is not gathered and no decision is made as to the truth of the allegations.  Mediation is concerned only with the welfare of the parties and reaching an outcome that both parties can be satisfied with.

Mediation is often incorrectly thought of as informal action, whereas a mediation agreement is a formal resolution to a problem, as a record of the proceeding is kept on file (with or without the terms of the agreement).  Mediation/conciliation can be conducted in two ways, depending on the complainant’s preferences:  all parties discussing the issues face to face, or each party communicating their view through the mediator (which is necessary in situations where intimidation is the central issue, or where emotions are running hot).

Mediation is a quicker and less costly option for employers than investigation, but the main benefit is that the workplace is not as disrupted by the exercise, due to the fact that only the parties themselves are involved and the discussions are confidential.  Our hourly fee applies.


In large organisations, perceptions are truth for lots of people.  Unlike an investigation, a climate survey is not about gathering evidence and testing it, but is a tool to examine employees’ feelings, thoughts, opinions, perceptions and ideas about their organisation.  The information is collated and analysed and a report compiled on any trends that may emerge and which would be useful for an organisation to be aware of.  In a number of cases we have done, they have also led to dramatic benefits such as major efficiencies and increased cooperation among staff in which millions of dollars have been saved.

The survey examines employees’ knowledge of and engagement with the organisation’s values, principles and philosophy, and of any inconsistencies that may exist.  It also indicates to employees that the organisation values their opinions and feelings.

Surveys are usually conducted by way of individual interviews which are confidential in order to provide a sense of freedom to the employees in speaking frankly about their organisation.  The interviewer’s role is to be gentle, open and non-judgmental, reaassuring about the confidential aspect of the survey and interested in each person’s comments.  The role can also include gentle prompting with shy people or people who have not given any reasons for strong views.  The exercise is conducted in a friendly and positive manner rather than a grim, interrogatory manner.  It is never confrontational. 

Our standard hourly fee applies to this service.


Sometimes senior managers have good technical skills but poor people skills.  Sometimes good people do silly things.  In both cases, it is often advantageous for an organization to bring in a mentor from outside the organization.  Philip has been providing these services to organisations for over twenty years.

‘I did two things which gave my career real impetus:  I studied for an MBA, and I got coached by Philip Garside.’

-          The CEO of one of Australia’s largest building companies in his retirement speech. 

Philip’s standard hourly fee applies to this service.


Philip provides a one-on-one coaching service to help individuals in their job search.  This can start at the application stage, working together on resume content, selection criteria and covering letters.  We do not provide a desktop publishing service but are more concerned with content than presentation.  Philip also coaches people for specific interviews, looking at likely questions and appropriate responses.  We do not provide generic coaching, and will only see clients who are targeting a specific position.

Philip’s standard hourly fee applies.